The DigiPol mobile app and connected document management applications will reinforce the security of countries, will work cross border within the EU and help protect the external borders of the Union. It serves as a general security pillar in border control, police protection, civil guard services and helps even citizen participation of keeping general security. The legal structure of the DigiPol ecosystem is established by EU regulations such as the eIDAS and GDPR.

The most important tool of DigiPol is the mobility factor. Each and every action can be performed on a mobile device where the mobile device will create authentic, electronically signed and timestamped documents, images, videos and sound. These are legally admissible electronic documents carrying the power of proof. The system is also capable of converting paper based documents to legally binding electronic copies.

How it works?

A DigiPol user goes through an identity establishing procedure to have access to the system. The user will then be able to create electronically legally binding documents, images, videos and sound along with GPS coordinates which form part of the documents. The authenticity of these documents are assured by the e-signature and timestamping technology we use as well as the secure procedure itself to ensure the proper audit trail. These documents and images are legally binding and are fully admissible in court.


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How to use DigiPol?

How to use DigiPol?

How to use DigiPol?

Authentic and legally binding electronic photo, video and voice recording

Biometric Person Identification

Smart citizens powered DigiPol

In operation and investigation areas, the DigiPol toolset will document the exact state of things using images and/or video, will authenticate the user doing it and will automatically forward it to the Operational Center for processing. These documents are not only authentic, but their time and exact location is embedded in the electronically signed documents making forgery and fraudulent actions impossible. These documents can not be modified or altered in any way. Once the images and video are taken, not even the user can modify them.

The user can not upload images previously altered which is an important security guarantee of the DigiPol system. These documents and images will then be used in subsequent legal procedures as they are immediately court admissible.

The second alternative use-case is the establishing the entity of the migrants entering showing up at the country border. Currently, very little information is gathered during migrant registration (e.g. fingerprint and/or a few pictures taken) and questionnaires are filled. Migrants also tend to frequently exchange their identities. No easily usable and comprehensive authentication package is created which could become easily searchable and provide an authentic source of ID establishment of a migrant.

The DigiPol system uses a unique biometric ID establishment concept called ABIS (Adaptive Biometric Identification System). The DigiPol toolset takes biometric attributes of the person such as motion, voice, facial images and document scan if available. This will then be available as an authentication package to be used and compared against other motion, voice and image scans taken by authorities or intelligence surveillance. The authentication package will serve as a basis point for providing other identification information and attributes for further investigation.

DigiPol would provide a comprehensive and integrated ABIS controlled authentication package that could feed other databases and serve as a basic ground for further legal procedures. And all this would have a solid legal ground.

An example would be where a phone call is tapped by intelligence where the voice patterns can be compared against the ABIS packages. This would yield the immediate result of knowing who the voice belongs to, what are its further authentication and biometric information and when that particular person was authenticated. This can serve as a legal ground for the authenticity of that person in any court proceeding.

The same logic may be applied when using the images taken by surveillance cameras. The motion pattern can be compared against the ABIS database. And if a match is found, then we will know exactly when that person was first registered and obtain additional identification information on that person to further prove its identity.

It is one of our hard-to-manage areas of our society to eliminate the renitent people, processes and events and generating credible evidence at the time of real events in real-time.

An unlawfully parked car in a wrong or disadvantaged place, overtaking in the stop bar, a garbage dump in an illegal location, an act of aggressive person, generates several hard-to-prove cases and events every day, almost all of them being unpunished.

The same challenge can also be the quick announcement of a burnt spotlight or the announcement of the exact position and status of an accident-risky pothole.

As a summary, DigiPol is able to create authentic and legally binding electronic documents, images, video, sound and biometric identification information using a mobile device or tablet. These are then stored and become accessible for eligible users anywhere. These electronic documents are admissible in court and can be a legal proof in any official proceeding.

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